Coffee Machine Reviews

Our first Coffee Machine review is on the Tassimo By Bosch Vivy 2 T14 TAS1402GB.

I have used Tassimo Coffee machines for a long time now, I am on my second one as my old machine although well loved had been very well used for a long while and I therefore decided to treat myself to a new Tassimo. Apart from being stylish it is also a little more compact than the previous one I had.

I love the ease with which I can make my coffee especially first thing in the morning. Fill the water tank, put a mug in place, put a Tassimo pod in place and push the button. A perfect cup of coffee in about a minute, no fuss, no mess just a great mug of steaming hot coffee. Wonderful.

Although this is a Coffee Machine it can be used for tea, hot chocolate as well as an array of different types of coffee that are available from Tassimo from Expresso, Americano and Capuccino to Latte, Caramel Latte and Machiato.

We will be reviewing other coffee machines of all types which we hope you find useful. We will also bring you any up to date information that we feel you should know.

Below is one of the selections that are available for this machine. There is also a search box below where you can find many different pods for different types of machines. 

Happy Coffee Drinking!!

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