Ormia Heirloom


Prefer your coffee like your wine, wild and full-bodied? Then try this one it is sweet and fruity.


Ormia Hairloom takes its name from the variety of coffee bean which is the Eastern African Heirloom variety of Arabica bean.  Grown at about 1600 masl in the Oromia region of southwest Ethiopia this blend is made from a mix of coffees beans from just six farms.

Fruity, winey and sweet.

Blended or Single Origin:  Single

Countries Where Grown:   Ethiopia 

Under Notes:  Fruity    Winey   Sweet 

Roast Level: 2.5/5 

Body: 3/5 

Sweetness: 4/5 

Acidity: 4/5

Weight N/A
Beans or Grounds

Ground for Cafetiere, Ground for Expresso Machines, Ground for Filter, Ground for Pods, Roasted Beans


1kg, 250gms

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