Divinely Arabica


Roasted to a light-medium level, this sweet well-balanced coffee has hints of cranberries.


Grown at between 1,400 and 1,900 meters, this Rwandan coffee is an absolute delight. It consists of 100% Arabica beans of the Bourbon and Typica variety and is a mix of coffees from 40 washing stations and 35,000 farmers in this African country.

The Rwanda Trading Company in Kigali, hull, grade and hand-sort the beans of this fully washed mix of coffee.

To achieve this well balanced sweet and fruity coffee with hints of succulent cranberries it has been roasted to a light-medium level.

There are some 400,000 small-scale growers in this small African country and because Rwanda has no coastline it can be expressive to export.

Roasted to a light to medium level this sweet well-balanced coffee has hints of cranberries. 

Blended or Single Origin:  Single 

Countries Where Grown:   Rwanda 

Under Notes:  Fruity   Cranberries   Mild 

Roast Level: 2.5/5 

Body: 3/5 

Sweetness: 4/5 

Acidity: 3/5


Weight 1 kg
Beans or Grounds

Ground for Cafetiere, Ground for Expresso Machines, Ground for Filter, Ground for Pods, Roasted Beans


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