Authentic Turkish Coffee

How to make authentic Turkish Coffee

The climate in Turkey is not suitable for growing coffee and for this reason, the Turks have always imported it from various countries.  Mainly enjoyed throughout the Middle East, it is brewed in a coffee pot called a cezve or an ibrick as it is known in the West. Typically the cezve has a long wooden handle and the pot is made from hammered copper or brass and tinned on the inside for household use. 

The taste from Turkish coffee you would get in a café and most Turkish homes is usually very intense, with a bitter nutty flavour.  The texture can be quite dense and concentrated.  For the best flavour choose a dark roast that stands up to other strong flavours and aromas in the brew.  Traditionally a brass grinder is used to finely pulverize the bean, this process obtains a powder as fine as castor sugar which intensely magnifies the taste in the cup.

Preparing Turkish coffee:

Add the desired amount of water to the cezve (ibrick), the coffee is drunk from small cups.  Add sugar to taste and stir to blend it.  Bring to the boil, remove from the heat and add a teaspoon of coffee per cup. Boil the coffee.

After bringing to a first boil, immediately remove the coffee pot from the heat, skim off the accumulated foam and mix well.  The coffee is boiled twice in succession, taking care to remove the cezve between reheating the brew.  At this second stage of the preparation you can discard the foam or stir well in to the coffee. 

Before serving, allow the remaining powder to completely settle at the bottom of the cup, you can also add a tablespoon of cold water to the pot after boiling twice to quickening the process.  Never stir the coffee once it is in the cup and be sure to sip it gently so the grounds are not disturbed leaving you with a mouthful of mud.

Turkish coffee is always served with a glass of water.  A sip of water allows the person to cleanse his or hers palate before drinking the coffee making it a more enjoyable experience.  Many people enjoy flavouring their Turkish coffee by adding finely ground spices to taste like cardamom and cinnamon.  Sometimes, the coffee is served with a small sweet treat such as Turkish delights, chocolate or candy.

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