15 Varieties of Speciality Artisan Coffee. Produced with Love and Care. Choose Freshly Roasted Beans or Ready Ground including our Swiss Method Decaffeinated. Our Pods are 'self-fill' you choose any of the 15 varieties of ground coffee to suit your taste buds. All products are UK Roasted & Ground.

Coffee Connoisseurs know that great taste starts with freshness. The least amount of time that elapses from roasting to cup, produces the best tasting coffee.  Try our products for freshness & taste.

Every pack of beans or grounds delivered to you by Ambracia Coffee has been produced with love and care.  All our products are roasted, ground, and rested in the UK.  You are not only guaranteed freshness but a product that is optimised, ready to be enjoyed at its best. Not a product that has possibly sat in a warehouse and then on a supermarket shelf for anything up to 18 months. Yes, 18 months!!! 

Roasted Beans, Ground Coffee, or *Pods delivered straight to your door. Just choose your favourite brewing method and leave the rest to us.

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Roasted Beans

Single Origin and Blended

Ground Coffee

Produced for : Machine, Filter, or Cafetiere


Our Pods are 'fill yourself'


  • Blended

    Ambracia Classica


    If you drink it as an expresso it will be big and full-bodied with a naturally sweet caramel flavour.

    Add milk it becomes rich, creamy smooth, and sweet with dark chocolate flavours.

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  • Decaf

    Anytime Twist-Decaf


    Full-bodied taste just without the caffeine.

    Single-origin Brazilian beans decaffeinated using the Swiss water decaffeination process so they are 100% chemical-free.

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  • Blended

    Blue Mountain Shadow


    Easy, Smooth, Sweet, ideal for any time of the day.  Sip slowly and enjoy the under notes of sweet plums.

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  • Blended

    Tropical Valley


    Blend of speciality Arabica beans giving a sweet, smooth body having nutty chocolaty undernotes.  If you drink it as an Expresso it has soft acidity, with a maple syrup sweetness and hints of pecan.  Add milk and the undertones become milk chocolaty with toffee flavours.

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